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I’m a Music Curator based in sunny Los Angeles. Some people spread music by making it, and others by sharing it. I’ve always been the latter so I created Vibewithit to share my favorite tunes with the world.

So check it out… there’s a few different ways to pick up what I’m putting down:

  • I created a free iOS app so that people can soundtrack their lives with all the great music on Soundcloud.
  • I repost my favorite tracks on my Soundcloud channel (35K followers).
  • I update a bunch of playlists on Spotify.
  • Lastly, I DJ when I have time to prepare for it.

Outside of Vibewithit, I work at Goldenvoice and Splash House Music Festival, I work on projects I care about and spend most of my time with friends and at concerts… but that’s another story.

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Message from Me

Yo! So, I’m changing the Vibewithit project ...

New Website

It was about time for a change at ...